“As the only female in the cast, Margaret Anne Murphy as the Second Party Member gave a performance that made me sit up and take notice. Besides the well-executed romantic scenes, Murphy added a sense of schadenfreude as she watched Winston being tortured.” —Mark Beachy for Maryland Theatre Guide (read the full review HERE)



"...all four of these good citizens are quite extraordinary in their work. Especially Valentîn-Morales and Margaret Anne Murphy. As they are left to do the sordid retelling bits of Winston’s tale, it is important that they embrace their task fully, as they— like us all— must be precise. Murphy is passionate. She is a good citizen." —Amanda Gunther for Theatre Bloom (read the full review HERE)


Romeo & Juliet

“Lady Montague was played very well by Hartt School grad Margaret Anne Murphy.” —Nancy Sasso Janis for the Naugatuck Patch (read the full review HERE)


A Christmas Carol

"Margaret Anne Murphy was charming as Martha Cratchit." ~Nancy Sasso Janis for On Stage (read the full review HERE)


Twelfth Night

Margaret Murphy’s approach to Maria provided a lovely contrast to the over-the-top physical humor of the two men. Murphy created a powerful character who was constantly trying to reign in the shenanigans of Sir Toby and Sir Andrew; however, she also made an excellent switch when it was her turn to give into the chaos of the play, and trick Malvolio into believing that Olivia was in love with him.” —Lauren Katz for DC Metro Theater Arts Read the full review HERE)